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How exactly does "system restore" work? Can I restore old documents or recover deleted files? I'm on XP.

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Basically your Windows system automatically makes a "restore point", this doesn't mean ALL files! It means only the Windows system is a good restore, so you can go back to previous points where you did not have spyware or a virus at the time, and you can go back to that. If you plan on getting back old documents by "restoring your system", that will not happen. System restore is a great thing that XP added though, to view it just go start-programs-accessories-system tools-system restore. It's easy from there, it will walk you through the steps, show you a calender, etc, and you can just choose what day you want to restore to. You can also do an automatic restore point setup if you want, but it will be done automatically unless you have turned off the system restore yourself.

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System restore is all setup already, you don't need to be adjusting it. He's right though you can set it at a point if you want it to be remembered by windows, but most do not ever need to alter it just let the system save the restore points automatically.

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Restore rocks...... I seriously think it may be one of the best thngs that microsoft added in xp, especially with all the spyware crap out there today

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If you get alot of spyware then I recommend setting your own restore points when you know you have a good reboot! Then you know the date you can always restore your system too!

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