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Main Question - Posted From cwb:
I am not very computer savy,but every time I delete spyware from ad-aware, coolweb comes up like 20 to 30 times again. I use spybot ,cw shredder ,microsoft antispyware and they dont even detect it. I dont even have to browes any web pages and there they are again. what do I do to get rid of it? thanks

Reply From LRings:
Are you using the latest version of adaware and CWShredder?

Reply From LRings:
There are many versons of cool web search that CWShredder will not detect or delete. The latest is v2.15 and can be downloaded free at

Reply From RS:
CWS\'s spyware can be a pain in the a** to remove!

Reply From guest:
coolweb is a nasty virus (spyware, whatever)..... it is very difficult to get rid of and normally has many different programs running. Try to use your virus checker to eliminate this, manual removal is tough to do.

Reply From aaa:
Keep in mind that coolweb is always changing also, what you can remove today may not be the same way to remove it tomorrow. I believe this is from russia, there are alot of corrupt people in russia and china and they don\'t do anything to prevent this type of stuff from spreading, its ridiculous and makes their countries look bad.

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