No Cloud Backup! This is the simplest and safest way to backup your files offline

Easily Save and Store Your Files Offline - No Cloud Risk

1) First, purchase a thumb drive. These are cheap, easy to plug in and remove whenever you want as the pictures will show you, and they hold alot of data. I recommend a 32GB (thats alot) for around $10 online anywhere or in any store. Prices are always coming down, so in the future I'm sure larger ones will be just as cheap. I would actually buy 2 of them if I were you, but its up to you. This will be completely disconnected from internet and computer after you backup your files to it, so any virus or lost data or crashed hard drive really wont have any effect on your files because you have a backup thats not even connected to any computer (and not connected to any cloud backup either as that is still on the internet and has risks!).

2) To give you and idea how much this holds, on my 32 GB thumb drive backup, I have about 125,000 files. These are documents, business files, tax documents, photos, stuff like that.

3) Simply plug it into your computer as shown. Thats how simple it is.

4) Now a new drive will show in your windows explorer and you can copy files to it just like any other drive. This is copying to your thumb drive.

5) Thats it, when done, I always right click and choose eject first, then simply pull it out and set it on your desk or put it away elsewhere. You can repeat and backup as often as you want, and its a secure method to have your files backed up and not even connected to computer.

6) I recommend buying at least 2 of them. If its really critical data, you may want to copy to it then put 1 in a lock box in bank. For example what if your house got robber? What if a tornado destroyed your house? Your thumb drive would always be safe. I always like the idea of carrying it on key chain as long as its not private data. For example if you lost your keys, but if its just backup for photos and media backups and stuff like that, you would always have it with you in your pocket no matter where you are. Thats why I recommend buying a couple different thumb drives and having multiple backups for safety. I have had a hard drive crash twice, and I would have lost many files had I not done this. It really didnt even bother me because I knew I had backups of everything I needed separate from the computer. Its also reassuring to know that no computer virus would ever be a threat, because its not even connected to the internet and not even on your computer.

7) One final recommendation I will give, is to have a folder on your computer called "backup". Then keep your photos within a folder in the "backup" folder, so everything critical gets stored in that folder and as you save new photos or videos or documents, they keep getting added in that same folder chain. When you backup to the thumb drive, you dont have to even search, just drag the backup folder to the thumb drive and it guarantees you aren't forgetting something else stored elsewhere.

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